Esteem Cleaners | Simple Steps
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Esteem Cleaners is all about convenience. Here’s a brief explanation of the steps to simplifying your laundry life. There’s a saying that you shouldn’t hang your dirty laundry for others to see but in our case, we’d love for you to hang your dirty laundry on your door for us to pick up.

STEP 1: Collect all your dirty garments. If there are special instructions with any of them, please indicate them using our convenient Esteem Cleaners labels.


STEP 2: Leave your clothes outside your front door.


STEP 3: Your delivery day.


STEP 4: As soon as your clothes arrive, they will be labeled and processed through our system. In the rare occasion that we spot a problem, we will call you before we work on it. At any time we can tell you where your items are.



STEP 5: Your garments will be ready and hanging for you at your door (or at your specific instructions). We will provide the bag and extra instruction labels for your next order.


Laundry work should always be this simple.